Quark 945

A powerful processor engine. 400 MHz  32bits ARM9 core, 128 Mb DDR2, uSD 4 Gb, Touch screen, USB 2.0. ( already used in  telecom, transport, environment, and consumer product. )

Using Quark 945 will significantly reduce your product development risks, costs and time. The circuit has been fully tested and checked, so you can concentrate on your project. The Quark 945 is ready at the beginning of your project allowing you to start sooner the software development.

Download : Quark 945 Doc

Download : Evaluation Kit 945

Quark 963

A robust processor engine used in many applications with  a 200 MHz /220 mips 32bits ARM9 core, 512 kB (up to 8MB) Flash memory, 32 MB (up to 64 MB) Low power SDRAM (100MHz bus speed), Linux 2.6 OS with drivers, CAN 2.0B interface compliant, Ethernet 10/100 PHY interface, LCD.

Download : Quark 963 Doc

Download : Evaluation Kit 963

Quark 100

An SH3 processor board, used mainly by IRE (Institut des Radio  elements) as a water radioactivity measurement station. with a « Windows CE » operating system.

( Not recommended for new design )

Quark 105

An SH3 core engine : you just need to develop a base board, and you are ready to start. Delivered with a ready to start linux environment. This board has been mainly used for access control and time logger.

( Not recommended for new design )