An Idea?

Twin helped these ideas to became real products :

Solucalc : Hubert V. fights limescale in water. For his new concept he needed an electronic device to measure the water consumption and calculate the right amount of CO2 to inject in water pipes. see the result :

Apentar : Alain B. knows all the challenge the agricultural world has to face. He was looking for a robust GPS device : he chose one of our handheld ones : The Tripy (a robust and waterproof device) see

RCA chose one of our handheld devices : the « Circus » and asked Twin to develop a new software to enforce their on-street parking policy.

Solaris-PAC : Vincent C, expert in heat pumps, with the help of twin development developed some new innovative & ecological solutions to produce hot water.

Dynapark : Raoul F. comes to Twin to develop a « mobile » parking meter. The device is now widely used in Belgium. see