Electronic board design using :

  • Pic, Hitachi H8 familly, Epson low power, TI 320Cxx family, Analog Devices 218x & Shark family, StrongARM, Hitachi SH3, IBM PowerPC 405GP, …)
  • Handheld terminal, low power systems, radio-communication, optical fibre, data acquisition, embedded applications, …
  • Debugging using JTAG probe, logic analyser, protocol analyser, oscilloscope, …
  • GPS, fingerprint, module integration

FPGA design using :

  • Xilinx Spartan & Virtex families, Actel SX & ProAsci, Altera
  • VHDL design (simulation, synthesis & rooting).
  • Test bench & post-rooting simulation.

Embedded software & RTOS porting :

  • Real time embedded software desing using C, C++ & assembly.
  • Board support package (BSP) preparation including bootloader (u-boot), device drivers, interfaces (smartcard, fingerprint, bluetooth, wifi, USB…).
  • Embedded Linux & Windows CE porting.
  • Digital signal processing (FIR, IIR, FFT, cross correlation, …)

Product design to marketing :

  • Should you need an ergonomic and attractive enclosure, we can provide you consulting advice on production sample or even mass production