Welcome to Twin Development

Twin Development is an electronic design company located in Belgium with a strong experience in high-end embedded system design. Our main business is to design electronic equipment from schematic to manufacturing and we are used to dealing with fast micro processors, DSP, and large FPGA. We can provide your company with :

  • Embedded hardware and software development
  • Product design
  • Technical consulting

Our experience since 1990, based on a wide range of realisations (from industrial applications to consumer product) , leads us to select the most appropriate technologies to your ideas.

We are proud to introduce our new board :

Discover our new board here : the Quark 945

Audio/Video encoding board :

Design of a new Audio/Video encoding board to transmit signal via powerline based on iMx27 processor.

An on-board railway board :

Design of a new board, for  railway environment operating in harsh environments : based on an ARM9 (at91sam9263) processor with many feature : 2 external ethernet,2 CAN, Audio codec, TFT, 3 Flashs memory, 3 FRAM, spi ADC, etc… Delivered with a Linux 2.6.25.